Network Services

ITM network engineers bring several years of experience in building reliable, robust, and scalable networks. ITM engineers have expertise in the following vendor products:

  • Cisco
  • Lucent
  • Nortel
  • 3Com
  • Avaya

Network services provided include:


Network Assessment
As your business grows, your network needs to accordingly evolve and expand to ensure your business assets are protected from outages and your partners are able to interact with you without any disruptions. ITM can work with you team in assessing your existing network infrastructure and at the same time develop a network strategy and roadmap that will ensure your network is capable of handling your business needs today and in the future.


Network Architecture
Designing the right network architecture is necessary to ensure your employees are able to work with the maximum efficiency and your customers are able to complete their business transactions in the most rapid manner thus ensuring both productivity and business gains. ITM engineers have
developed network architecture best practices and can work with your team in designing a network architecture strategy.


Network Integration
ITM engineers will work with your team in the project planning, configuration, implementation, and post-implementation of your networking solutions.


Network Management and Support
While you focus on your competencies, ITM engineers can manage and support your network to ensure it is reliable and robust to meet your business needs and at the same time can scale as your business grow. Along with management and support services, ITM engineers can provide round-the-clock monitoring and alert services to ensure your business and your partners are able to interact with absolute no disruption.


Network Outsourcing
Your core business is your top priority and should not be disrupted with network instability. ITM can partner with you to deploy, support, and manage your network infrastructure to ensure you are operational continuously.


Security Services

Security is a core component of ITM’s systems development lifecycle. This constant and repeated focus on security has led to the development of core security services and solutions that can be leveraged by your business to ensure your business assets are protected from both internal and external vulnerabilities.


ITM Security services provided include:

Security Audits and Assessments
Security Policy Design
Security Solutions Implementation
Managed Security Services

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