Enterprise Portals
Enterprise Portals

An Enterprise Portal is a gateway to various applications and services directed at employees, partners, and customers. A successful Portal implementation can bring about:

  • Content Intelligence. A module of Portals comprise of Knowledge Management. The effective design of an Enterprise Knowledge Management module including metadata design, taxonomy structure, and index generation and optimization, can enable content that was previous hidden in various silos being integrated and made visible to employees, partners, and customers. In addition, the content is contextual thus being presented differently based on the user and the user’s role. This brings about intelligence in the content thus ensuring the right people have the right information. This results in decisions to be made rapidly, efficiently and correctly leading to productivity, customer satisfaction and business gains.
  • Content Aggregation. Aggregating content from multiple sites and presenting it through a single, unified interface enables users to work more effectively by preventing multiple-clicks and bring about increase efficiency and productivity as users are able to relate and view multiple content pieces on a single page. This can be further enhanced with the Portal Personalization capabilities as users are able to personalize at the content, page, and Portal wide level.
  • Content Streamlining. Ensure content is published in a timely and efficient manner without bottlenecks in the content dispatch workflow. This can be accomplished through a Portal Content Management strategy that enables users from various groups to publish content directly i.e. decentralized content publishing, but at the same time centralized through core rules that ensure content from diverse groups is aligned through presentation and strategy thus presenting one-face to customers, partners, and suppliers.
ITM’s Enterprise Portal practice is led by a team of professional who are certified in various vendor products and have completed several successful implementations. The team has the expertise in the following vendor products:

SAP Enterprise Portal
Plumtree Enteprise Web Suite
IBM WebSphere Portal
Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server

ITM can perform a pilot project for your team and help ensure that your business will truly see a ROI through a Portal implementation. For more information regarding ITM’s Enterprise Portal practice and learn about pilot services, please contact us (hyperlinked to Contact Us).

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